Why Bioresonance Therapy?

Conventional medicine can achieve great things in the treatment of acute disorders and in surgery.

However, when it comes to chronic disorders, treatment generally proves to be more problematic and many patients find it unsatisfactory. So this is an area where action is urgently needed.

Bicom bioresonance is a special method of diagnosing and treating patients which has paved the way to a new enlightened approach within medicine.

In many cases the Bicom device can discover and treat the real – often hidden – causes of disorders.

BICOM optima bioresonance machine

Underlying causes of chronic disorders

We live today in considerable affluence. A vast array of new technology, incredibly fast means of transport and communication, countless chemical substances and any number of convenience foods all help to make our everyday lives that much easier. As much as we may enjoy all this progress, more and more of us are now paying a very high price for it.

When it all gets too much 
People nowadays are exposed to a number of different stresses: Chemical additives in our food and drinking water, environmental toxins, radiation stresses, a myriad of chemical substances, the use of medicines in livestock breeding.

For many patients these stresses are the last straw. This manifests itself in the form of vague ill health, chronic fatigue and even serious physical complaints.

It is interesting that there are usually several underlying stresses with chronic disorders. Consequently, totally different causes are sometimes identified in patients with the same symptoms. The biophysical level offers the opportunity to test these individual stresses, something which is often not possible at the biochemical level (laboratory parameters).

Severe, multiple or prolonged stresses may overstretch the body’s self-healing powers

As a general rule, the body has very good self-healing powers. The body has a phenomenal regulatory system with whose help it is possible to continuously correct even extreme influences on the body. If, however, too many or too severe stresses act on the body over a prolonged period, this can inhibit or even block the body’s ability to regulate as well as its self-healing powers.


The BICOM Optima is the latest development in bioresonance therapy. Drawing from over 30 years of clinical experience and with help of leading practitioners Regumed has developed the most advanced bioresonance system available today. This along with excellent training and technical support has given practitioners the confidence to invest in BICOM, making it the market leader with more than 13,000 devices in use worldwide

Standard Features

Each BICOM Optima device comes with a 24 month warranty and the following features:

Main Module (Channel 1)
This module applies the traditional method of bioresonance therapy. All BICOM devices have a separator and a mirror circuit for processing the frequency information gathered from the body or from substances in the input beaker. Since electromagnetic waves and sound waves obey the same physical laws, waveforms identified as undesirable can be reduced by the mirror circuit in a similar way to noise-cancelling devices. Alternatively desirable waveforms can be amplified to provide support. Once modified these frequency patterns are sent back to the patient via an output electrode.
Stabilisation Module (Channel 2)
The stabilisation module allows the practitioner to provide an additional supportive treatment at the same time as a traditional bioresonance treatment is running in Channel 1. A supportive substance taken in either the form of a vial or a digitised signal is transmitted to the patient. This saves the practitioner considerable time during a treatment session.
Substance Complexes Module
This module contains over 400 pre-programmed therapeutic substances that can be used in conjunction with the Stabilization Module (Channel 2) to provide the patient with an additional supportive treatments.
Magnetic Field Module (DMI)
The Dynamic Multi Impulse Therapy module is used to help regulate the natural healing processes within the body. These pulsed magnetic fields may be applied in either a stimulating or a calming mode and can be used alone or at the same time as other therapy options.
BICOM bioresonance therapy Singapore
Potentising Module
Practitioners with a knowledge of homeopathy can use the Optima to potentise substances in the range D3 to D1000. A substance is placed into the input beaker and the signal is transmitted to a vial in the output beaker containing a suitable storage medium. The output may also be transmitted directly to the patient using the modulation mat and can also be stored inside a BICOM Chip.
Treatment Programs
The Optima has over 1000 preloaded treatment programs. 135 operate in the low frequency range of 1-25Hz. They have been developed over the past 30 years with the help of practitioners from around the world. Electrode placements are provided for each treatment program and are displayed on a large colour LCD. There are also 200 free program slots that can be used by practitioners to create their own custom treatments. Up to six programs can be run in sequence and there are 220 preloaded sequences that can be used for specific conditions.
Large & Small Modulation Mats
The modulation mats are used to output treatment from the BICOM Device to the patient.
Input & Output Beakers
Input beakers are used to transmit information from a body fluid or a substance into the BICOM Device. Output beakers are used to store the treatment in a suitable storage medium such as alcohol-water mix, oil or pillules.
Channel 2 Honeycomb Device
The Channel 2 Honeycomb is used to hold vials of beneficial substances such as a homeopathic remedy that will be transmitted to the patient.
Chip Storage Device
The Chip Storage Device is used to store the treatment signal inside a stainless steel chip. It can then be attached to the body to allow for additional treatment after the initial therapy session is over.
BICOM bioresonance therapy Singapore
BICOM bioresonance therapy
Each BICOM device comes with a number of cables that allow the practitioner to connect various accessories to the patient or the Optima device.
Electrodes can be used to both send and receive treatment information to and from a patient’s body. Each Optima Device ships with a selection of hand, head, eye, medium square and large flexible electrodes etc.
Operating Manuals
Every BICOM Optima Device comes with an operating manual and a therapy program manual. Additional resources and training manuals are provided on our six day training course
Therapy Tips Booklet
Our Therapy Tips manual provides users with valuable information on how best to treat various common conditions. The advice in this manual has been collected from practitioners in practice around the world.
Therapy of the Future DVD
This introductory DVD explains the concepts behind Bioresonance Therapy and contains interviews with a number of practitioners.

How does Bioresonance work?

Bioresonance therapy is one of a number of procedures including homeopathy, acupuncture and other naturopathic procedures within the area of empirical healing. The fundamental principles of the following hypothesis for bioresonance therapy have been confirmed by the latest discoveries in quantum mechanics and biophysics, but have not yet been accepted by current expert opinion within orthodox medicine.
Wave-particle duality
Discoveries made in quantum physics have revealed that all particles of matter share the characteristics of both waves and particles. This means that all substances – and therefore all cells, parts of the body, as well as viruses, bacteria, pollen, toxins, etc. – emit electromagnetic waves. Depending upon their nature, all substances have a quite specific typical wavelength or frequency with highly individual characteristics. This is known as a frequency pattern.
Cells communicate with one another

Living as we do in the communication and information age, it is time we faced up to the fact that the body can only function and regulate itself because communication and thus an exchange of information takes place between the various cells in the body. Research into biophotons is based on the assumption that cells communicate with one another by means of  “flashes of light” (photon radiation). They exchange information over certain frequencies.
This information exchange functions unhindered in healthy bodies. As a result, each cell and each part of the body is able to do its job.

Stress-inducing factors or substances can impede communication between cells. If, however, undesirable substances (toxins, viruses, bacteria, etc.) or harmful radiation act on the body, these may impede communication between the cells.

Disrupted cell communication may result in organic changes
Where communication between cells is impaired, this will of course prevent those cells from functioning properly and we see evidence of this to varying degrees in the form of non-specific disturbances in general well-being, poor performance, chronic fatigue and later as organic changes plus related symptoms. Symptoms frequently occur at the point where there was already a deficiency – often hereditary.
Determining individual stresses accurately
The body’s extracellular fluid is not just the cells’ culture medium. It also serves as a “special rubbish dump” for harmful substances if the eliminating organs such as the liver/gallbladder, kidneys, intestines, etc. are overloaded. Since water is also an excellent store of information, information from harmful substances is also stored here however. This area is not easily accessible to laboratory procedures. These stresses can usually be tested very quickly and painlessly at the biophysical level. The Bicom device offers a valuable tool in this respect. In many cases it is possible to discover which stresses may cause health problems in the patient (e.g. bacteria, viruses, electronic smog, dental materials, allergens, etc.). The stresses identified are treated with the appropriate frequency patterns using the BICOM device The body’s own regulatory system can be supported and aided to a considerable extent by BICOM bioresonance therapy Communication between the cells can take place once again unimpeded. Harmful substances can be released and excreted.





Treatment sessions vary in length depending on the therapy. On average they last about 30 minutes.

The patient is connected to the BICOM device during the treatment session and can sit or lie in a totally relaxed position.

The bioresonance method has no harmful side effects and is completely pain-free.


The number of sessions varies depending on the patient and their symptoms. Sometimes just a few sessions produce a lasting effect. In some cases treatments must be repeated at longer intervals.



Experience shows that the BICOM bioresonance method can be combined very effectively with conventional medicine and other therapy methods. It is also suitable for treating pregnant women from the third month.


For children the BICOM bioresonance method is both pain-free and gentle. Mum can entertain her child during treatment or they can watch a film together. A major advantage for children anxious about being touched is that there is minimal physical contact during treatment.


The BICOM bioresonance method is pain-free for animals. Moreover, it is stress-free for both the animal and its owner. It can also be used easily to treat larger animals such as horses and cows.

Area of use

Therapists in the following medical specialties find the bioresonance method effective:

Confidence in the method

Effective against allergies for over 30 years