bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance therapy (BRT) is a non-invasive therapy that makes use of the body’s biophysics. The treatment is so safe that it does not interfere with conventional treatments. It is also considered safe enough for sensitive patients and even children and babies.

Bioresonance therapy makes use of the BICOM 2000 bioresonance therapy device to treat chronic and degenerative conditions. BRT is known best for treating stress factors that are contributing to illnesses. 

Some of the most common environmental stressors include tiredness, constipation, skin blemishes, pains and aches, and feeling generally unwell or not healthy.

Environmental Stressors

In today’s fast-paced and highly modern world, there is an infinite number of external environmental stressors. These stressors include radiation and EMFs, plastics, chemicals and pesticides, medicines that end up in the air, food, or drinking water.

The pollutants can cause disruption in the normal biological processes and load toxins into the system. To a certain degree, the body can cope. However, when it gets too much, the result is an illness. 

Treatment with BICOM 2000 bioresonance therapy can help minimize the stress or toxin load in the body and restore ‘self-regulation.’ Self-regulation can enhance the human body’s ability to heal and repair.

How Bioresonance Therapy Works

In bioresonance, it is believed that every cell in the body resonates at a specific frequency (can be likened to a tuning fork that resonates  and produces an acoustic wave). Groups of cells or organs resonate at certain frequencies and produce unique frequency patterns and an electromagnetic field.

Under typical physiological conditions, the body produces a synchronization of various oscillatory or wave processes. However, in the event that pathological conditions develop, there is an augmentation or disruption of the waves that eventually leads to disease. 

For instance, disease can occur when there is too much pathological stress that disrupts the normal functioning of the central nervous system, resulting in a disease anomaly.

Bioresonance therapy is based on the theory that cells use flashes of light (photon radiation) to communicate with other cells at specific frequencies. Biophysics researchers assert that the biophysics of the body controls the biological level. This in turn also controls the organ’s biological factors.

BRT manipulates the frequencies to improve the individual’s health state. This is done by up-regulating the healthy frequencies and down-regulating the unhealthy ones.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

It is crucial that you share the full history of previous immune issues and presenting issues before testing begins. It is possible that previous health issues may now be contributing to your current illnesses. 

It is also essential that you divulge health information completely so the primary cause or organ stressor can be analyzed. 

Bioresonance testing is done through the use of a small probe on acupuncture point on the fingers. These are called meridians. The meridians represent organs in the body such as the lungs, colon, circulation, hormone and glands, the heart and small intestine, etc.

On the toes, the liver, joint, stomach, skin, gallbladder, kidney fatty tissue and the connective tissues. Any organ reading that is lower or higher than what is considered normal will be tested for pathological strains such as fungus, parasite, bacterias, viruses, as well as environmental strains such as chemicals and metals.

All toxin stresses that are tested can be minimized or eliminated through bioresonance therapy, allowing the immune system to recover. A specific range of treatment plans may also be used to suit the needs of individual patients.

Advice on nutrients and diet that work for even the most complex cases is provided to see if they are going to improve any of the patient’s symptoms.


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