People are more aware than ever of their health.

Unfortunately, there are some natural effects which can be extremely harmful to the immune system and over which we have no control, such as Geopathic Stress (GS).

Increasingly we are also surrounded by harmful man-made Electromagnetic fields causing Electromagnetic Stress (ES).

If you think of the earth as a giant electro-magnet, GS occurs when waves of radiation seep from the earth’s core and bisect other natural electromagnetic phenomena such as swift flowing underground streams, mineral concentrations or fault lines.

The negative earth rays become harmful as they rise up through buildings affecting the body’s natural biorhythm and causing sick building syndrome.

The impact on health can be dramatic ranging from insomnia and irritability to serious psychological and physical illness. more… Our products are a range of scientifically proven devices which neutralise GS and combat the detrimental effects of man-made Electro Stress (ES) to revitalise your surroundings. They are elegant, cost effective and simple to install and probably the best single lifetime investment you can make in your health and well-being.

Geomack geopathic stress protection
EMF Radiation

How do I know if this is relevant to me?

The ‘telltale signs’ of Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Stress, is associated with ‘sleeping long’ and ‘waking tired’, or not being able to sleep at all. This can lead to ill health, a lack of tolerance for others and general feelings of depression.

In this situation arguments with loved ones ensue and life can become more and more difficult. Babies and children in such houses may not sleep, so causing problems both for themselves and for their parents.

They will often attempt to avoid sleeping in a GS area or ES area, if they can, and may be found in the morning scrunched up on one side or at one end of their bed.

Unfortunately as we become older we become less aware of the problem and generally do not instinctively move away from it. Of course, the sceptic will say that a lot of people feel tired and irritable a lot of the time, but affected individuals will report that they sleep far better and are less tired once the Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress energies have been combated.

These human trials were conducted by Wageningen University in The Netherlands over a period of 12 weeks. The blood analysis photos were taken of live blood. No other changes were made to the trial homes or dietary intake and no medication or other treatments of any kind were undertaken. The only changed paremeter was the installation of Geomack units in the trial houses, of sufficient strength to cover the whole house in each case.

Before unit installation there was a considerable level of Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress present, as can be seen from the typical pre-Geomack installation blood sample photograph titled ‘No Geomack’ (below). In this analysis one can clearly see the ‘Rouleau’ effect, where the red blood cells bunch together in long chains, instead of repelling each other as they ideally would.

When they are in energetic balance the red blood cells repel each other due to their polarity. However, when the red blood cells’ polarity is disturbed, as in Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress sufferers, it can clearly be seen that the cells are attracted and form long chains and thus massively reducing surface area and the efficiency of the red blood cells as they are the carriers of the blood stream, which includes transporting all the oxygen around the body.

Indeed this effect called Rouleau, means ‘stack of coins’ in French, due to the appearance of the attracted red blood cells. Singular red blood cells have a large surface area to absorb oxygen from the lungs, but are flexible to squeeze through small blood vessels. However, when the red blood cells are in Rouleau chains, it becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible to squeeze through small blood vessels and, also, there is a reduced surface area to absorb oxygen from the lungs to transport around the body.

The ‘With Geomack’ photograph clearly shows the red blood cells in an independent state, swimming freely so-to-speak, with a hugely increased surface area, and thus, efficiency of the red blood cells in all its functions and of the blood in general. There is very little evidence of the Rouleau effect to be found. This sample of blood was taken 12 weeks after the first samples were taken and is very typical of all the samples taken at this 12 week stage. All samples showed a  very similar and dramatic improvement.

Geopathic stress and EMF radiation
electromagnetic stress-humans-frequencies

So one can clearly see, in a very visual way, one of the many advantages of Geomack’s Energetic Vitalisers to peoples health, vitality and sense of well-being. This is, of course, in addition to the countless success stories and incredibly high customer satisfaction rate of over 99% that is enjoyed by Geomack products.

Many professional health practitioners who use live blood analysis as part of their treatment, have reported exactly the same findings many, many times over the years when they have prescribed the installation of Geomack products in patients’ homes. These health professionals prescribe Geomack products to their patients, because the patients have shown some small improvement in health because of the treatments they have undertaken, but only a certain improvement and then the patient seems to ‘hit a wall’ where no more improvement can be made.

This is due to the patient living and/or working in an environment where there is Geopathic Stress or Electro Stress present, which is depleting the body of it’s essential energetic resources.

The most critical place to address is, of course, the sleeping position, and it is also very advantageous to cover the whole of one’s home, so all of the property is filled with the beneficial energies from the Geomack product.

Indeed, many health practitioners measure the presence of Geopathic Stress or Electro Stress in their patients with common medical diagnostic equipment like VEGA or MORA machines. Also these measuring devices can easily and accurately measure, from one session to the next session, the improvement in the patients’ exposure to Geopathic Stress or Electro Stress, simply because the patient has installed a Geomack product in their home. They then respond much better to practitioners’ treatment, as they have greatly increased energetic resources because their bodies are not fighting GS and ES.


The E4004, for small homes, and the E9004, for larger homes and offices, will clear a building of distorted energies from the underground, combat electromagnetic stress, protect you from EMF influences, raise personal energy levels and enhance occupants’ sense of harmony and well-being. A compact portable unit, the E704 creates a personal shield of 3 metres diameter, for use mostly in cars and whilst travelling, as well as by computers.

For 24-hour protection: new G-Oyster, the revolutionary pocket-sized energetic vitaliser!

Our products work with the energies present in the premises/carrier’s vacinity to create a protective shield of energy that keeps the effects of radiation at bay while filling the space with energising human friendly frequencies.

The units also act as a great energy boosters which is due to the unique Geomack Energetic Vitalising Technology ™, which is utilised in every model.

The products reduce stress by creating a subtle energy field, which counteracts the undesirable energies from the underground and also reduce the effects of Electro Stress. The efficiency of this technology has proven itself year after year, as we have always offered a money back guarantee on all retail orders and as such we are happy to say that we have a return rate of under one percent. This shows that over 99 per cent of customers are very happy with the results.

Using the products is very straightforward. 

With the G-Oyster it’s easy: just slip it in your pocket.

Place on a desk or floor in the case of the E704 portable units.

For the larger units, E4004 and E9004, they are just hung on the wall via a nail or screw.

Each product is shipped with a comprehensive but straightforward installation guide. You can also download each installation guide from the corresponding product pages.

Geomack G-oyster
Geomack 704 Portable Energetic Vitaliser
E704 Portable Energetic Vitaliser
Geomack E9004 Energetic Vitaliser
E9004 Energetic Vitaliser

For properties with a footprint over 200 sq m/2000 sq ft multiples of E9004, each covering up to 200 sq m / 2000 sq ft, are required.

Increased Electromagnetic Pollution Protection
To combat ever increasing levels of Electromagnetic Pollution, also known as Electro Stress, from mobile phone masts and other sources Geomack has launched improved versions of their products.

The new improved models, E704 Portable, E4004 and E9004, now offer a higher level of protection from the effects of Electro Stress than any previous products from Geomack. Sources of Electro Stress include heating elements, mains transformers, substations, pylons, railway tracks, mobile phones, microwave emitting mobile phone masts, digital cordless (DECT) phones, heated blankets, motorised beds, computers and many other sources. If a person is exposed to some sources in a close enough proximity for prolonged periods then health can be adversely affected.

Geomack constantly strive to research and develop its technology to combat the effects of these kinds of radiation, which has resulted in these latest industry leading products for your health and well-being.

Pocket Sized G-Oyster: Now Shipping!

The conclusion of many years of research and development in miniaturising the unique Geomack Energetic Vitalising Technology (TM) has culminated in the release of a product that is totally revolutionary in personal energetic protection – both in terms of Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress while at the same time being an amazing personal energy booster that can be carried right in your pocket!