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The best bioresonance machine is not only designed to help your body return to homeostasis, it is also known to help effectively boost your immune system. As if not enough, it is also known to target and kill certain parasites and pathogens. 

Bioresonance Therapy in a Nutshell

Bioresonance therapy is a holistic physical approach that is used to diagnostically and therapeutically treat various illnesses. Bioresonance makes use of the electromagnetic waves it receives from the patient.

The biophysical method of treatment is designed to alter the energy field of the affected organism, increasing the effectiveness of the person’s autoimmune system. As a result, the overall health of the patient improves.

How Bioresonance Works

Bioresonance therapy is based on the idea that unhealthy organs or cells emit electromagnetic waves because of DNA damage. Proponents of the therapy believe that detection of the waves can help with the diagnosis of the condition. Changing the waves back to their normal frequency is believed to help treat the condition.

With bioresonance therapy, electrodes are placed on your skin and are then hooked to a machine that “reads” the energy wavelengths emitted by the body. This is the diagnosis process. Using the machine, the energy frequencies are manipulated, allowing the cells of the body to vibrate at their “natural frequency,” treating the condition in the process.

How Bioresonance Can Help You

The best bioresonance machine has been known to help in the following scenarios:

Smoking Cessation

A study conducted in 2014 compared bioresonance to a placebo. From the said study, they discovered that 77.2 percent of individuals that belong to the bioresonance group ceased smoking after just a week of therapy. Only 54.8 percent in the placebo group quit smoking during the same time period.

The study also discovered that after a year of treatment, 26.8 percent in the bioresonance group stopped smoking versus only 16.1 percent among the placebo group.

Allergies and Other Related Conditions

One of the most studied areas of bioresonance treatment involves treating allergies alongside other related conditions such as asthma and eczema. There have been a lot of controlled (using placebo) and uncontrolled (observational) studies conducted in this area.

Generally, controlled studies are considered more high caliber compared than uncontrolled studies due to their ability to compare the treatment to a placebo. Controlled studies on the other hand have had negative or mixed results.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Some studies suggest that bioresonance can be effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) by normalizing how the antioxidants function within the human body. The antioxidants are also known to help combat free radicals. As a result, tissue damage in people with RA is reduced significantly. 


Bioresonance therapy is also believed to activate tumor suppressor genes or minimise the overall effects of overactive cells. Both are known to “kill” cancer cells. However, many cancer-causing genetic mutations cannot be reversed. 


Some studies were conducted on using bioresonance therapy, point massage, and manual therapy in the treatment of fibromyalgia versus using only manual and point therapy without bioresonance therapy. 

While both groups reported significant improvement, the study indicated that there’s a 72 percent improvement in muscular pain for those that were given bioresonance therapy versus only 37 percent noticeable improvement among the other people in the other group.

Overtraining Syndrome in Athletes

Overtraining syndrome (more commonly referred to as burnout) occurs when athletes don’t fully recover from both training and competition.

Overtraining syndrome might also lead to the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Frequent injuries
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Changes in the resting heart rate
  • Mood changes

Another bioresonance study revealed that bioresonance can help patients with overtraining syndrome by:

  • Bringing both the blood pressure and heart rate back to normal
  • Calming the sympathetic nervous system (also commonly referred to as the flight or fight response)



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