‘Geopathic Stress’ by Wessex Cancer Research Help Centre

We are complex creatures and we are all affected in so many ways. The naturally occuring magnetic fields, part of our environment are an often neglected factor in our well being. The earth’s magnetic field is largely emanating from the molten nickel iron core of the earth interacting with the electrically charged ionosphere. In our part of the world the strength of the earth’s magnetic field is about 0.5 gauss.

The resonance of the earth’s surface and the ionosphere is about 7.5 Herz, the Schumann frequency, and this frequency is superimposed on the earth’s steady state magnetic field. It is also the alpha brain rhythm – the rhythm of the relaxed mind. The second harmonic of which 15 Herz corresponds with the beta rhythm of the wakeful active brain.

The strength of the earth’s magnetic field however is not constant – there is a daily cycle where the field is stronger at night. There is also a lunar cycle and an annual cycle as we revolve round the sun. We all dance to the rhythms of the earth’s magnetic field.

Geopathic Stress occurs when the mafnetic field emanating from the earth is distorted to make it inharmonious to our well being. These harmful rays have diverse cause, the one most frequently met is the result of underwater streams carrying dissolved rock salts rendering the stream “conductive”. This appears to alter the natural variation of the earth’s field, thus disrupting our biorhythms, for we are all affected by variations of the planet’s magnetic field. Our ancestors were aware of this effect and avoided places over harmful earth rays.

The effect of geopathic stress, shows up in the distortion of brain biorhythms. The Alpha brain rhythm increases to about 15 Herz and the corresponding beta rhythm to about 30 Herz – getting closer to the 50 Herz magnetic field generated by our power supply system. Geopathic stress appears to affect the body’s housekeeping in the production of new cells and the immune system is weakened. Many affecteed people complain of not getting a good night’s rest and of not having much energy. Because their immune system is below par they are hostage to ill-health.

As the effect of geopathic stress is strongest at night the simplest solution appears to be to relocate the bed, move the chair, but where?

Geopathic Stress can be detected by the VEGA test, Spagyrik blood analysis, kinesiology and by dowsing.

Reproduced with kind permission of copyright holders: Wessex Cancer Research Help Centre, Chichester, United Kingdom. All Rights Reserved.